Chapter One

The Early Years of my Childhood

March 30, 1973 in the late afternoon.
Emporia, KS
Howard Schwartz
Linda Anglemyer
Sarah and Martin Savedow.

About my grandparents

Two truly wonderful people who loved their family very much. I used to spend every summer with them. I remember going out to eat at their favorite deli every Saturday and taking annual trips to Atlantic City.

About my siblings

I'm the oldest of two. My sister is Danelle and she is 20 months younger than I am.

My sister, Danelle, known to her family as Nelly, was born on December 28, 1974. She my very best friend and the greatest human I know.

My earliest childhood memory

When my parents got divorced when I was five years old.

My most vivid childhood memory

The house we moved into when I was three or four years old in Techumseh, KS.

My fondest childhood memory

Visiting my mom during the summer months.

What I remember about my parents

Two truly wonderful people who put their differences aside in order to cultivate a healthy and loving relationship for my sister an myself.

From my mom her empathy for others. From my dad how he taught me to stand up for myself and and instilled in me a strong work ethic.

My mom taught me to never discriminate against others, regardless of your differences. My dad taught me the importance of travel.

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Shawn Wesner
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