Chapter Five

Life Memories & Favorites Things

Creative Talents

I have always loved planting trees and landscaping around our homes. We bought property and built two homes, first in 1999 and second in 2009. Enjoyed planting trees and landscaping around our homes.

Three people who've made an impact

My parents and my wife's parents were great influence in my life. Good examples of hard work and integrity.

Family Reunions

Our Laue family reunions were always fun to attend. Always enjoy getting to visit with family from different parts of the country. Hearing about their experiences and journeys through life.

Some of my Favorites

I like the color red, especially when used with black. Orange is a close second.

Not sure I can name one particular song, one of my all time favorite albums is Journey's Greatest Hits.

Life Lesson

I have always told my wife and daughters that "it's easier to keep up then catch up". , and I have heard them say it many times.

The other life lesson or saying I have tried to live by is "If you can't find time to do it right, when will you find time to do it over"?

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