Life Memories & Favorite Things

My Dad had a green thumb. In our Deli he grew a lot of different kinds of plants which generated conversation with the customers. I inherited this trait from my Dad and successfully grew plants and vegetables until I married Elaine. Her thumb was greener and she took over these activities.

I am a meat eater! I love steak, hamburger, and roast. Baked chicken and fried chicken are right up there. I love Chinese and Italian and some Mexican. Everyone agrees that my mashed potatoes are the best. I have never been a dessert eater.

"I have always read newspapers. Now in my 70's I will read online but I still get our local newspaper to read hardcopy. I generally read online KC Star, Philly, US Today & Lawrence World Journal. When I was very young the first thing I read was the comics. As I got older the sports page is what I would go to first. As I continue to age the stock market was my first read. Now at 72, the obituaries are my first look."

The best time of my life was as an undergraduate student from 1964-1968. I went from being a boy to becoming a man. Also being as an undergraduate was the most fun ever. I was a member of TKE fraternity and that added to my development as a man.

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