Chapter Five

Life Memories & Favorites Things

Creative Talents

In my 40s I became very involved in yoga.  Not only the assana practice, but the philosophical part of the practice as well.  I teach classes - both physical and philosophical.

Three people who've made an impact

Mamadi Yilla is my professional mentor.  She is brilliant and kind and giving.  She always set me up to succeed and pushed me to do my best.

Emily Hughes I respect on a professional and personal basis.  She brings humility to every position she has.  She's funny and kind and giving of herself.

Thandi Harris lives life on her own terms, without regards to how others think of her.  She sets a goal and achieves it.  She loves her children fiercely.  She can put together a pivot table one minute and change the tire of a car the next.  She's incredible.

Family Reunions

My immediately family is small and we lived near one another as I was growing up, so we didn't have family reunions.

Some of my Favorites

My favorite colors are black, grey and dark blue.  I have too any favorite songs, but my favorite artists are Phish, Grateful Dead and Metallica.

Life Lesson

Lean into your discomfort.


I've always been superstitious about odd numbers.  I never like to end anything on an odd number.

Favorite Meal

My mom used to make chicken friend steak, mashed potatoes and gravy.  I loved that meal so much growing up.  Also her chocolate chip cookies.  Delicious!

Chicken nuggets, pasta with parmesan, strawberries and crescent rolls.  That and queso dip.

How'd you get the news

I read the Washington Post and US weekly.  Such divergent news!  My favorite news program to watch is 60 minutes.  My grandma Sarah got me hooked on that show.

I felt it was important to teach...

People form their opinions based upon the environments they grow up in.  Don't judge a person before you know who they are and what they represent, for they may have only been taught one way.

Lessons passed down to me that I cherish today

Nothing can be accomplished or achieved without hard work.  Only you can give that gift to yourself.  No one can do that for you.

Favorite Holiday

Always Christmas because there was always so much anticipation and joy.  A full day of only family with no outside distractions.  I can fully see the beauty of that as an adult.

Best Trip

South Africa and Bali.  Both are beautiful with warm citizens.  South Africa has everything you could want.  Beaches, mountains, safari, vineyards.  It's the greatest place on earth.  Bali has beautiful temples and delicious food and great shopping and those rice fields!  Love them both.

I've always wanted to travel to...

I've always wanted to visit Croatia and Greece.  Everyone raves about both.  I'd love to go to their beaches and eat the food!

The most satisfying period of my life was....

This exact moment in time!  I've never been happier.

Overcoming adversity

I went through a terribly painful three years.  I haven't overcome it, I've just learned to live with the pain.  Yoga helps.  Good friends help.  Family definitely helps.

Volunteer Work

In college I was an English as a Second Language Volunteer.  I loved helping people navigate their way through our complicated language.

Political Beliefs

I'm a democrat.  I have been my entire life, but I respect other people's political opinions and value their differences to my own.  I don't believe in judging people based on their political beliefs alone.

Feeling Enlightened

When I first moved to Malawi in 2007 there was one day I remember so distinctly.  I was sitting in the car with my kids who were 2.5 and 10 weeks at the time.  The sun hit my face in such a way that I knew in that moment Malawi was exactly where I was meant to be.  Both my mind and body were calm in what I believe one of the few times of my life.

My children are like me in regards to...

I think my girls have strong convictions like me.  My son is sweet and cares deeply for others.

I felt it was most important to teach my children

Never judge a person until you have walked a mile in their shoes.  It takes time and effort to get to know the value of an individual.  People form their opinions based on the experiences they have growing up.  If someone has never left their home state, how can you expect them to have the capacity to understand or relate to other people's experiences that are unlike their own?


Volleyball, soccer, baseball and cheer!  We are a sports family, for sure.

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