Chapter Two

My Adolescent and Early School Years

About my early school years

When Jack was six years old he went to Pleasant Valley #74 school. It was a “one” room school a half a mile from the farmhouse. There were about eleven or twelve students in the whole school.

He remembers the teacher’s name was Inez Hurlin, and none the kids much liked her.

What I enjoyed the most (and least) about school

Jack’s favorite subject was geography. Jack remembers there was always a program for the parents on the last day of school.

After school

He also remembers having “box suppers” and Christmas parties at the school. A bad memory includes the county nurse coming around and giving shots. A better memory was always being active at recess and playing baseball.

Early summer vacations

During the summers Jack went swimming and helped haul water to the “thrashing crews” who put up the hay. He would also ride horses with his friends and visited his grandparent’s near Burlingame every week. Although the family didn’t take summer vacations, he remembers the summers being fun.

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