Chapter Two

My Adolescent and Early School Years

About my early school years

In the fourth grade we moved from Tecumseh to Topeka. I went to McCarter from fourth grade to sixth grade. In seventh grade I went to Landon middle school, but at the end of that year the school closed and I transferred to Robinson middle school. For high school I attended Topeka West.

My fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Sybold was so nice and kind. I remember her very fondly. We were a group of rowdy and untamed kids, and she always treated us with respect, though we didn't always deserve it.

What I enjoyed the most (and least) about school

Without a doubt my friends. I loved spending time with friends. I loved going to school and seeing my friends.

My best friend(s) growing up

My best friends in school are my best friends today. Their names are Nickie and Jenny. We met in the 8th grade and are still the bestest of friends today.

Childhood illness

I was always really healthy, thankfully. I never broke any bones and genuinely led a very healthy life.

After school

I always had so many chores to complete. After school I would come home, do my chores, then head to Kwik Shop for a snack. I also began working at 14 years of age. I worked at Connection Confection for years.

Early summer vacations

Until I entered high school, I went to Philadelphia every summer to attend summer camp. I loved it so much. But once I entered high school I wanted to be with my friends. I would go and watch baseball/softball games. My friends and I would drive around during those warm summer nights. It was a time of great freedom. I always remember my HS summers with such great affection.

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