Chapter Four

My Adulthood

My Children

We have two adult daughters now, they are three years apart in age.

What I remember about their births, raising them, etc.

Our daughters have brought us so much joy, happiness and entertainment from the day they were born. We have always enjoyed spending time together as a family. We loved being there for all of their sports, school events and activities.

Special Memories

Our oldest daughter Danae played several sports but always loved playing fastpitch softball from a young age. She was a really good pitcher and very competitive minded on the field and that thankfully carried over into the classroom. I remember her wanting to practice at home all of time, even when it was too dark outside for me to see and catch her pitches. She loved practicing and competing, she hated to lose at anything! She graduated High School and Washburn University with honors.
Kami is our younger daughter. She was also good at several sports but excelled at gymnastics and that eventually turned into making the cheer team and cheering at a division 1 university for four years. She loved to doing flips and gymnastic moves, I will never forget the day she dislocated her elbow on our trampoline. She graduated from high school and Kansas State University with honors - Summa cum laude.
So very proud of both our girls!

Work Life

I graduated from Kansas State with a degree in Graphic Design. I started my Design career right out of college. Worked for a printing company in Topeka, KS (H.M. Ives) for about a year and a half. After that, I have worked for a small design agency (Cogent Ideas, Inc) in Topeka, KS from then until now (26 years so far). I enjoy the variety of projects I've been able to work on over the many years. It has allowed me to use technical, creative and construction minded skills that keep every project interesting and challenging.

When I wasn't working, I enjoyed....

During my younger adult years I played lots of slow pitch softball and city league basketball every chance I could in my spare time. I loved the competitiveness and team bonding time during and after games. We built our first home in 1999, in which I did most of the construction and finishing work. We sold that home and built our current home in 2009, I also did most of the construction and finishing for it. Our family and friends would come out and help when they could, I always enjoyed their good company, help and time spent together! I really enjoy taking care of our eight acres and doing projects around our property, it gives me lots of joy and satisfaction... and beats a gym membership "for now"!

People who were influential in my life

I've thankfully been blessed with many "important people" in my life. All of my loving and caring family is so extremely important to me. My wife Joni is "that" person in my life. She always encourages and supports me during good and or challenging times. We've been married for 30 years now and truly enjoy life together! I feel that she has made me a better person, as a father, grandfather and son.

Greatest Professional Accomplishment

After graduating college, I've worked for a small design agency as a Graphic Designer for the past 26 years. Maintaining a good working relationship with many clients throughout my entire career. I feel that it's really unusual in todays times to have companies stay with one agency for so long.

Greatest Personal Accomplishment

When I was in High School I set several records in track, pole vault and a couple relay teams. These records were not broken for many years. But building our two homes and being a father to my two wonderful daughters are definitely my greatest personal accomplishments.

Community Impact

Growing up in and around the construction industry, I have gained the knowledge and tools for fixing and building things. I spend a lot of my personal time helping others... at church, neighbors, friends and family. I've tried to use my talents and energy for positive impacts in people's lives around me.

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