Chapter Four

My Adulthood

Special Memories

My first full-time real paying job was in 1972 at Kansas State Teachers College. I had a split position in the Bureau of Educational Statistics/ Dept. of Higher Education. I taught 2 graduate classes and was responsible for the state-wide public school achievement testing program.

In 1976 the state of Kansas was seeking someone to administer and develop civil service employment tests. So we moved from Emporia to Topeka, the state capital. The building I worked in was 801 Harrison. It no longer is there it is now a parking lot. The first employment tests that I developed was for the Highway Patrol. It contained a written test, a physical performance test(gender neutral) and interview questions.

I left that job in 1979 to work for Kansas Supreme Court(9-13-1979) eventually being appointed to the top non-judicial job, Judicial Administrator. After 32 years I retired. I was the second person to hold this position and this was my dream job and I believe that during my time with the courts The contributions made by my office, Office of Judicial Administration(OJA) improved life for residents and business of the state.

When I wasn't working, I enjoyed....

My favorite hobby has always been reading. I have and continue to be an avid reader. I have always tried to read at least 1 book a week and continue that into my retirement. My other passion is music. Rock & Roll, Jazz, Blues and classical. No C&W for this guy!!

Greatest Personal Accomplishment

I taught Shawn how to drive but it made her nervous so Uncle Paul finished the task.  She decided she needed a car as it was too far for her to walk to high school with all her books and activities, and all her friends had cars. So, I bought her a car.  When it was time for me to buy Danelle a car, I told her I would.  I was out of town on a business trip and I received a call from Danelle that she had found a truck she wanted.  I replied a car I will buy, not a truck.  Upon returning from my trip I discovered Danelle, on her own, went out and bought the truck. Danelle always had a mind of her own, and Shawn was more compromising, In future years, that truck decision was a great one, cause she kept it for many years and she gave it to me and then when I was ready to give it back a couple of years ago, she sold it and made some money from it. The girls were a great source of pride to me. I cooked they cleaned. They really had no desire to learn how to cook, and as it turned out they both married mem who would cook. They both graduated from the University of Kansas and went on to great professions. I have 5 wonderful grandkids thanks to my girls. Shawn has 3: Addison, Joaquim & TT. Danelle has Burke& Brynn. They are a treasure.

Community Impact

My most significant and accomplishment that I am most proud of was raising two wonderful daughters who both have been a source of joy to me throughout my life. Also, I have received awards and honors for programs and policies that were implemented during my tenure as Judicial Administrator. My idea of case management where the judge takes control of the pace of litigation and the pace is monitored by the administrative office was a revolutionary idea. Until this change attorneys controlled the pace which cases moved through the court system. Another idea which won wide acknowledgment was 1 day 1 trial for local citizens.  Essentially if you were called for jury duty you served either for 1 day or 1 trial. That would satisfy your juror duty for 1 year. Another innovation of which I am most proud is the centralization of child support collections. Instead of 105 individual courts collecting and dispersing child support we centralized it and kept records and enforced the court's order.

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