My Adulthood

I have three children: Addison, Joaquin and Teagan

I woke up on the morning of January 5, 2005 and took my dog Cassidy for a walk. It was raining that morning and when I got home I remember thinking, that's weird, I wonder how water got into my sweatpants and at that point I realized my water had broke. On July 4, 2007 I took Addison to a 4th of July parade in Takoma Park and on the walk home my water broke again. On November 28, 2009 I went out to eat with my children, mother and sister. We had Mexican food. It was a Saturday and I was scheduled to be induced on Monday. When we got home from the restaurant my water had broke. I carried Addison and Joaquin 37 weeks and Teagan (also called Titi) almost 41 weeks, so I like to say she was a month overdue.

Addison is adventurous and speaks her mind. She is a loyal friend; someone who can be trusted. Joaquin is the sweetest boy on earth. He's an incredible athlete and more importantly an incredible teammate. He has a spirit about him that can't be taught. It is inherent in an individual. Titi is a dream child. She loves dogs, like her mama. She's kind and considerate and loving. I'm incredibly blessed.

Most of my career I've worked for the federal government. I worked for a program that funds HIV/AIDS for over a decade. I've also worked with humanitarian aid and assistance. I've been a public servant my entire life. This can all be credited as a result of being a Peace Corps Volunteer.
I loved attending Phish concerts. I loved jambands, and Phish was my favorite during college. I love watching sports. Still do to this day. My two favorite teams are the Kansas City Chiefs and KU basketball. As a mother I spend most of my time watching my children play sports.
My parents are hugely influential as well as my sister. My aunt and uncle played a significant role in my young adulthood.

Working with underserved and under-represented populations. Being an advocate on their behalf has been, on a professional level, my greatest joy.

I have the most incredible network of friends from all over the globe. The relationships I've built over the course of my life is something I will always feel incredibly proud of.

The most positive impact I've made is the relationships I have with my children, family and friends. Nothing means more to me than that.

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