Chapter Six

My Golden Late Life Years


Velna died unexpectedly in 1999, and life became very lonely. But, Jack, being a wonderfully good man, got to know a “lifetime acquaintance” much better. (They had been in school in Overbrook together.) It started out by a plentiful garden of tomatoes Jack grew the following summer. He went to Louise’s door (she lived down the road) and asked her if she wanted any of his extra tomatoes. She was happy to get them, and in trade told him he could have the extra apples from her trees. He liked her very much and went back another day and asked what she would like to do. She thought, and told him, she had loved horseback riding and would love to go again. Jack being the resourceful type found the horses from a neighbor and they went riding. Louise’s horse wanted to stop and eat all the time, but after they traded horses the horse she was riding stopped the eating. Jack told her, it was because she let him eat instead of ride. They soon started dating and married on a trip to Texas, with Louise’s family planning the wonderful event.

Favorite place I've lived

“Grandpa Jack and Grandma Louise” had some good times together on their trips and with the family– especially the grandkids. The best place Jack said he ever visited was in 2003 on a trip to see “Gen”, Vel’s sister in California. He and Louise went up through Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, and then back home. The saw so much and it was a very relaxing and good trip. Jack would like the generations to come to know that he was always “family involved."

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