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Our Dedication

Kansas Supreme Court Chief Justice Kay McFarland’s dream was to leave a legacy gift of a world class Japanese garden in the capitol city of the state she served. Kay’s garden is a destination filled with serenity and breath-taking views. It offers inspiration, contemplation and serves as a venue for life changing and everyday experiences. Kay’s Garden cost $6,640,000. The Kay E. McFarland Living Trust established funds that paid for the project costs and established a permanent endowment fund of to maintain the garden into perpetuity.

Kay’s Garden

Please visit her garden at 635 SW Gage Blvd · In the Topeka, Kansas

In addition to the Kay McFarland Japanese Garden at the Topeka Zoo, Chief Justice McFarland supported developing Lasting Legacy Online for her life story and for others to tell theirs. The Gallery of the Event Center in Kay’s Garden tells only a little of her story. Trustee, Elaine Schwartz, knew for people who visited her garden, they would want to read her whole story. For a year and a half before the Chief passed at the age of 80, Elaine interviewed her each week to both check on her health and to create this wonderful story.

The Early Years

Hawaiian Wedding Cake

  • 1 pkg yellow or white cake mix (my preference is the white cake mix)
  • 1 8-oz pkg cream cheese
  • 1 pkg instant lemon pudding
  • 1-1/2 cup cold milk
  • 1 20 oz can crushed pineapple, drained
  • 1 4 oz box cool whip
  • Angel flake coconut

Mix cake according to directions on package

My Traditions

Favorite Family Recipe: Pot Roast (mom’s way)

My favorite family recipe was the way my mom did roasts with onion, carrots, mashed potatoes and gravy.  I still do them that way, added a few techniques from Howard, and my whole family loves the dish and always has.  It’s so simple:  

Pot Roast with onions, carrots, potatoes and gravy

  • Begin with a 3-5 lb arm roast (can be bigger or smaller).  
  • Season the roast with seasoned flour and dried onions until well coated.
  • Sear in ¼ inch hot oil in a covered pan (electric skillet is the best) until you have a crust on both sides.  
  • Turn down heat to a simmer and sprinkle a package of onion soup on top of the roast. 
  • Add onions, carrots, and potatoes (for the number of people you want to serve), and ½ cup or so of water.  
  • Let simmer for 4 hours or more.
    Remove potatoes and mash (leave 3-4 un-mashed for stew) with ¼ cup of butter and milk/cream to the desired consistency.  
  • Make gravy from the drippings with 2-4 T. of flour and water to the desired consistency. 
  • Serve onions and carrots in a dish together, the mashed potatoes and gravy in separate dishes.  
  • Slice the roast as thin as possible.  

And Walla! You have a great American traditional dish.

With the leftovers, if you saved a few potatoes, you can cut them, the onions, carrots, meat and add the gravy altogether and 1-2 cups of beef bouillon for the best stew, too! Make sure you have some bread for dunking.

My Family & Friends

Walter “Butch” Laue, P-40 Pilot

Here’s a pic of my dad, and remarks about it from brother, John.

“Remembering my father, Walter “Butch” Laue, served as a P-40 Pilot, Weather Officer and his last position as a Traffic & Logistics Officer in Goose Bay, Newfoundland, where serving in a below zero degrees weather on the flight line, which damaged his lungs but he refused disability because he had seen others with worse injuries and didn’t feel he deserved it, such a great man.

He also bumped a USO Tour headed stateside to allow two GIs on furlough from Germany to make it home. They wouldn’t have been able to, if they missed that flight!!

His concern for our military and our troops was really evident!!

Thank you Dad for your service to our United States!!”

My Family & Friends

Ruth Maxine Mangold Laue

Remembering my mother, Ruth Maxine Mangold Laue, born on this day 96 years ago! In her short 45 years on this earth, she taught all five of her children: the many ways to be joyful and grateful; that caring for others is our purpose; the happy benefits of hard work; how to be strong and independent; to count AND recount our blessings and life is best when we treasure our family and friends. Simple lessons but never forgotten. Happy birthday, mom, you are forever in our hearts

My Travels

Cruise 2019 – The one that got away

Letter to the Cruise Line:

As you know, on our last cruise, we had to leave the ship and our Royal Suite after only two days because I had four broken ribs. We were packed up and getting on the Tender only hours after finding out in the medical clinic that we had to depart. We didn’t realize that we were not going to be able to return until they collected our room key cards when we boarded the Tender.    

We know we left two very expensive bottles of MACALLAN Scotch, wine, and Grey Goose in the suite, and then soon realized how much more we missed out from being Royal Suite guests for a 22 days wonderful cruise that we had booked with my brother from Florida and my wife’s sister from Oregon (they both booked Sky Suites). We also had paid for the Spa Packages for both of us and had only used one day. And, we missed out on having a spa on our full deck, two bathrooms, two refrigerators and a full dining room in our cabin.    

Hence, it was suggested we write to the Cruise Line and see if there is any way we can recover these amenities and promotions that we lost from having to leave the ship on the third day. We would like you to consider giving us at least some of these on our next back to back cruise in 4-11-2020, on the Celebrity Equinox, Confirmation #’s 6322274 and 6311230.  We have booked a Royal Suite for the first leg of the cruise and we are asking to be placed on a wait list for another Royal Suite, or an even better comparable suite for the second leg.    

We also would appreciate being able to eat in any specialty restaurant at no charge like we had on the cruise we had to leave.  We’d also like to have free unlimited WIFI, and the Premium Beverage Packages for both cruises.  As a Royal Suite Guest, we had special seating in the Theatre, lunches with the Captain, and never had to stand in a line.  We also know we lost our on-board credits from CruCon and Celebrity, as we hadn’t spent those.  We believe that was $1,000 per each of us, per cruise.     

We had trip insurance and thus far, have received the funds from having to cancel the second leg of the back to back cruise, but, we are waiting on receiving the funds ($24,000+) for the first leg which was a trip interruption.  We just called today and they said they were waiting on the Celebrity Cruise line to confirm a couple of things.    

We are glad we had insurance but all this really reflects on us wanting to take future cruises.  We have spent so much money on cruising and this last cruise was a horrendous experience due to an unexpected medical issue.  We were treated so very well, by everyone but, the unexpected demise of our trip and emergency return, was to say the least mind numbing.  It has left us both with wondering if traveling in another form for retirement would be better.    

If we haven’t done a good job of convincing you that we should be upgraded in any way possible for our next cruise, we have failed to convey that we underwent an experience that has made, especially my wife, shy on future cruising.    

Assuring us that everything will be all right and we can count on Celebrity to help recover some of what we lost will certainly go a long way, and most certainly be appreciated.    

Thanks for all your help.    

Sincerely, Dr. Howard Schwartz
4120 SW Lincolnshire Rd Topeka, KS 66610