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CHAPTER ONE: The Early Years of My Childhood

What was your birth date and what time were you born, if you know?
What city, state or country were you born in?
What was your father’s name?
What was your mother’s name?
What were your grandparent’s names?
If you knew your grandparents, describe them in a few paragraphs. Examples: visiting their home, spending time together, going places together.
Were you the only child born to your parents? If not, what was your birth order?
If applicable, describe your siblings and share their birthdates.
What was your earliest childhood memory?
Describe your most vivid childhood memory.
What was your fondest childhood memory?
Describe what you remember most about your parents or the person(s) who raised you.
What attribute or value did you most appreciate about each of your parents?
What childhood memory or tradition did your parents or other family member(s) impart upon you that you passed along to your own family members?

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