Elaine Schwartz

Elaine could perhaps write two Lasting Legacy Online stories.

THE FIRST: A story of high school cheerleader, band member and softball player who meet her dream guy at a dance and was wed at age 16. Two years later, her husband would return from the draft, they would build a home and welcome their newborn son. She found friends and fellowship in the Lutheran Church and worked as a nursing aid. Life was pretty okay.

THE SECOND: Fast forward 30 years: the high school cheerleader has re-married, converted to Judaism and served on Topeka City Council all while flexing her entrepreneurial skills, beginning Lasting Legacy Online, LLC. Elaine has meet the love of her life, and is loving life with husband Dr. Howard Schwartz.

Lasting Legacy Online is in honor of her dear friend, Justice Kay McFarland. Thank you for being here, for reading her story and for sharing and preserving yours.

Elaine’s Lasting Legacy Online story is dedicated to her grandchildren; in it she shares her love of life, her strong political beliefs, advice and lessons she has learned thus far, including but not limited to her favorite beef pot roast recipe.

May 26, 1951

Vassar, Kansas