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Personalized, custom QR Code to your Lasting Legacy Online Story

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Have a custom QR Code built to better share your Lasting Legacy Online Story.

QR Codes are 2D barcodes that store alphanumeric information. They are an excellent way to make people use their smartphones and connect them from offline media to online content.

Use Examples:
  • Print QR Code on the back of your holiday postcards or include it in formal cards
  • Print QR Code on the back of your personalized thank you cards
  • Print and frame your 8×10 QR Code page for display at important events
  • Ask that your family include the code in our obituary and at your celebration of life, that way all your friends and family can remember and learn, hearing your story from your words
  • Have your QR Code engraved on a stone or plaque, residing by your grave for future generations

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QR Code

QR Code – Basic, QR Code plus 8×10 Gallery Sheet, QR Code with personalized intro page (short video, photos, etc)

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