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The Early Years of my Childhood

May 15, 1946. Philadelphia, Pa in a hospital.
My mother had 6 miscarriages prior to giving birth to me. She bed rested for 9 months. I was born at the Woman's University Hospital
My Father
Louis Pollen
My Mother
Bessie Pollen (Polonsky)
no neither set of grandparents were known to me. My father's parents were unable to leave their homeland( Romania). My mother's mom died giving birth to her and her father died after being infected by tetanus before she was born
I have a brother Paul who was born on March 25, 1949. My father Soloman died on August 8th, 1963. My mother remarried Martin Savedow on October 12th, 1968. He brought 2 children: Esther and Paul into the marriage. They were married in Yeadon, Pa. by Rabbi Charles Lacks.

My earliest memory is living at 52nd & Catherine St. where my father owned a Deli. I remember the Deli was rather small and outside there was a bubble gum machine where you put in a penny and received one gumball. I remember wanting a gumball and not having a penny so I found a rock and broke the glass and all the gumball came out. My Dad was really mad!! I also remember a man used to come into the neighborhood and you would sit atop of his pony and have your picture taken. my mom would dress me up in a cowboy outfit.

My Mom had hired help to both raise my brother and me while also helping out in the Deli as we got older. Her name was Lottie Vera and she was all things to our family. She stayed with my Mom into her marriage to Martin and continued with my Mom until she passed. She was a wonderful person who raised both my brother and me while also helping when my girls, Shawn & Danelle came to spend the summers with Grandma & Grandpa. Lottie was a true and valued member of the family. My father was a good businessman who people said was ahead of his time in marketing the food we served in the Deli(Sol's ) and the location of his second store in SW Philadelphia near the airport.  My Dad had the highest value of lunchmeat. He imported hams from Krakow, Poland baked them with his secret recipe sauce. His other specialty was corned beef. We had the only Deli store in the area. On a 4 corner square, there was a Pharmacy, Hardware, Fruit& Sol's Deli. There were no supermarkets yet. Businesses were all owned by individuals. My mother was the money manager, and face of the business. She had a connection with our customers. She related so well with everyone. Mom was also a very good manager of money which my Dad was not.  Mom made sure the store turned a profit and decided what each and every item would cost. She also ordered all the convenience store groceries that we stocked in the store. Dad was responsible for all the deli items. Dad was a very quiet man. He loved classical music and it was always playing on the high-end stereo equipment. Our store was open from 7:00 am until 11:00 pm 7 days a week 365 days a year. After my Dad passed in 1963 Mom reduced the closing hour till 10:00 pm.
I have always loved to read and I began to read at an early age. We did not have a TV during my early years so reading and working in the store were my favorite activities. I also enjoyed playing sports, although basketball was by far my best and favorite sport.