Chapter 1 - The Early Years

Walter “Butch” Laue, P-40 Pilot

Here’s a pic of my dad, and remarks about it from brother, John.

“Remembering my father, Walter “Butch” Laue, served as a P-40 Pilot, Weather Officer and his last position as a Traffic & Logistics Officer in Goose Bay, Newfoundland, where serving in a below zero degrees weather on the flight line, which damaged his lungs but he refused disability because he had seen others with worse injuries and didn’t feel he deserved it, such a great man.

He also bumped a USO Tour headed stateside to allow two GIs on furlough from Germany to make it home. They wouldn’t have been able to, if they missed that flight!!

His concern for our military and our troops was really evident!!

Thank you Dad for your service to our United States!!”